Sure, Shoreline half Marathon as well as Carb packing stops working

Hello! Hoe is je weekend? I just ran the Shoreline half Marathon in Ventura, CA.

I was MIA from RER yesterday since I was chillin’ with my dogs.
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I spent the night at my mom’s since it’s better to Ventura as well as I didn’t want to offer with paying for a hotel this time around around. I’ve been eating F3 Foods shipment this week, which is high-protein & fat, however low-ish carb. as well as even though I chosen the greatest carb dinner to eat last night as well as had fruit throughout the day, it was certainly not sufficient to prep for 13 miles. (F3 Foods is not meant for distance runners as well as I might have supplemented my meals, however that’s not part of the plan. This was all on me.)

I had oatmeal before the race, however this is the very first grain circumstance I ate because Wednesday. Plus, I was kinda anxious because I believed I was late so I didn’t surface it. I wasn’t concerned about it because I was really curious exactly how a restricted carb intake would impact me in a half marathon. It wasn’t horrible, I did alright at the race however I did feel less energy as well as practically felt a few of the wall I feel late in a full marathon. Dat is genoteerd. This was a discovering experience.

Okay… 5am wake-up phone call – which is quite late. The Shoreline half Marathon doesn’t begin up until 8am! No LA web traffic implied I was there in no time. I grabbed my bib as well as took some pictures, trying out new RER poses as well as stuff.

Finally it was time to line up! The begin chute is quite narrow so I just waited to the site up until the gun went off as well as I might capture in…

The program is quite however repetitive since you do the loop twice. So, you do two quite loops near the ocean. Ik vind het vet. There are just two huge hills, however is quite flat outside of that.

And in some cases I like out as well as back programs since then you can applaud as well as smile at the runners going the other way!

Shoreline half Marathon 1:51:52 Last year I did this race in 1:44 – I have to state the difference in performance as well as feeling has to be in part to the different methods to fueling this time. based on the photos it appears like it was warmer today (it looked overcast last year) too. because this wasn’t a goal race for me, I am pleased that I was able to run strong as well as discover something from it. Progress, not perfection.

After the race I took a quick dip in the Pacific ocean to laundry my feets. as well as by wash, I imply freeze

On the method back I got an iced coffee as well as one small Reese’s PB cup. I requirement five much more to be satisfied. preferably on fro-yo. Bedankt.

And for lunch I was craving Subway. I got a salad with poultry as well as tuna, since that’s exactly how I like it.

And I can’t close out this publish keeping that photo because it looks kinda gross. So, here…

Question: What was the very best thing you ate this week/weekend? Me: That Reese’s PB cup. I requirement more.

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